Gridspace – ability to analyze and operationalize conversational speech and text input

Gridspace is a leading platform for conversational intelligence, offering its customer an ability to analyze and operationalize conversational speech and text input to derive meaningful insights. Gridspace also helps them enable real-time compliance, contact center automation, voice data mining in a secure and controlled manner.

The Gridpace platform offers three major products

  • Gridspace Sift – Platform for conversational processing

    Gridspace Cloud – Cloud API for Sift

    Gridspace Memo – Conferencing software with built-in indexing capability

  • • Gridspace Sift is a high-performance infrastructure software for capturing, processing and analyzing conversations. It can accept human-to-human or human-to-machine speech input and can return analyzed result in batch or real-time mode. Enterprise can use this platform to build their own solutions e.g. for call grading or call categorization purpose.

    • Gridspace Cloud allows its user to perform deep language processing using the convenience of a managed service model. Its cloud API provides user ability to monitor live calls and process recorded files without involving the overhead of managing infrastructure.

    • Customer also has a choice to get Gridspace Sift deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within their own AWS account giving them the option to leverage cloud infrastructure with full control over entire setup and data.

    • Using Gridspace Memo offering, customer can generate keywords, excerpts from the live conversation and that helps them tap unstructured knowledge and decision from the conversation. It also helps the customer in improving interaction quality, uncovering operational risk, building the knowledge base and having automated feedback aligned to operational goals. It can also build a searchable meeting archive and supports role-based access control policies like who can access meeting contents.

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